Vitare’s Latest Feature: Wall Placement

Read our latest blog post from Rajiv, one of the game developers at Vitare, where he talks about one of the latest additions to the game!

Hi all, I have some exciting news for you about one of Vitare’s latest features: Walls!  A few days ago myself and Devin implemented walls into Vitare, we got both horizontal and vertical walls working and diagonal walls are a work in progress. Walls are also immediatly visible to other players in the same lot. Below is a screenshot of me and Devin playing around with the new feature.


What’s next?

Unfortunately the walls are not perfect. I still need to fine tune them and make them ready to be used. Things I need to work on regarding the walls include:

  • Fixing the pointer when building walls; Right now it’s a weird pink object, while it should be a blue bar pointing to the place of the cursor when building walls.
  • Implementing a feature that prevents players from placing walls inside walls; When you place a wall in the same spot as another piece of a wall, the game starts showing visual errors. Note that this does not include the feature where you can make intersecting walls.
  • Making corners a little bit nicer; Perhaps you already saw it in the picture above, but in the corner of the walls there’s a small empty spot.
  • Having walls build instantly; Right now, when you build a wall, you first see a cube and after a short delay the wall is built.

Of course Vitare development doesn’t stop with walls, right now Alex is working on a new, much bigger map. The next thing I’m going to do is finishing the last part of the migration to the new server. Me and Devin are working together in an exciting feature which will be announced soon… any guesses? ;)


Development Update

We hope 2014 is treating you well so far and we apologise for the lack of activity on the blog. We have a little development update to share with you (and more to come) about Vitare.

Rajiv and Devin have implemented the new server that is much more stable than our previous one. It uses less processing power meaning it can handle much more. The coding duo are currently working on getting map mode to work with the new server and on a variety of new features which we are currently testing. This includes voice chat and wall placement.

Voice Chat works through the Vitare server and allows everyone on a lot to communicate with each other by pressing the ‘V’ key on the keyboard and you can hear each other on the lot while carrying out other in-game commands. We tried it out with a few of the team members and it was a great success.

Wall placement has also been added to the game and other players can see them added. Another blog will be posted about this soon.

We will also be remodeling the map mode so that it’s bigger, allowing more players to have homes. Devin created a feature where the user can zoom in on the map mode with a double click. As the map is being made bigger, it allows the player to click a spot on the map and zoom into that location easily.

Much more to come in 2014, you’ll love what we have planned!
The Vitare Team


The Future is Bright

It’s been a little while since we’ve posted on our website and I am happy to be in a position today to tell you about Vitare’s exciting future.

Vitare has now been passed onto new owners as detailed in this blog post. It took a little while but everything is now in order. But I think the thing that has been on everyone’s mind is how the development of the game is going and whether we’re anywhere near that Alpha we had planned a few months ago.

I can confirm that, unfortunately, the alpha will still take a little longer to deliver. I want to make it clear that things are happening at Vitare, despite this delay, and we don’t want to release a poor product. We did have to take a step back and assess what we have and it became clear that switching to a new infrastructure had to happen. Now that it’s happening we’re well positioned to deliver the game than ever before.

The Vitare team would like to apologize for the technical hiccups and ask for your forgiveness. We realize it can be disappointing when something like this happens, and we’re extremely disappointed in the way that we handled the initial plans to launch an alpha product.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. I am extremely confident in the development team and the new management at Vitare. The game is coming, we’re in a better position than ever before, and we’re going to make sure Vitare is everything you want it to be.


Vitare Update: Change of Ownership

Many of you may be aware of the recent changes at Vitare. I have been extremely busy and I can no longer fulfil the requirements of being the project leader. Therefore, I have stepped down from my role and the ownership of Vitare has been passed onto Vitare Sushi, who some of you may know. She has been a member of the team for as long as I can remember.

I am extremely confident in my choice of transferring ownership to her. She will be a strong leader and knows what our vision at Vitare is: to develop a game you want to play. A game based on communication between the team, your feedback and suggestions.

I will still be on the team as your community manager. The rest of the Vitare team is unaffected and hard at work.

Vitare’s brightest days are head. The game will reach the highly anticipated alpha stages, followed by a beta and a full release.

- Vitare Daniel


Continuing Work Towards Alpha

We have recently finished the system that allows us to generate Alpha keys and send them to users. We’ve also finished the game registration page – but we need to perform a series of tests before we can allow you guys to access this. The registration form asks for the serial key sent to you and then allows you register for the game. This will be your permanent Vitare account.

Devin has been working away on tweaking the launcher so that it’s ready for launch. The game is downloadable so we’ll be packaging the launcher into a Setup EXE file. This launcher will then download the game and any future updates during the Alpha test. Rajiv has been on holiday for the past few weeks, and he has just returned! This means we can finally work on getting chat in-game, make a users avatar disappear from the lot when they exit and implement the ability to change the lot you are currently in.



We’ve also been addressing many bugs so that the game is more reliable when we launch the Alpha! You can track what we’re working on by clicking here.

issuesFinally, with the extra time we’ve been given we have been adding some extra things. One of these things, as requested by some of the community, is volume control. This is now in the Alpha test so if you don’t want to hear our music (which I think is pretty good for a small indie game) then you can now turn it down or off completely. While doing this, Devin also added in an avatar so you can see (and rotate) your avatar in the Character Creation screen. This is the guy with the hard hat until Sushi (who some of you may remember from a while back) creates the awesome avatars which will be in Vitare!


We hope this update is useful and we appreciate your patience while we work on this. I also want to thank everyone who has been kind enough to donate – this has allowed us to purchase servers and transfer to a new web host. The alpha is just the beginning for Vitare, and we can’t wait to see what’s ahead for us all.

The Vitare Team


Alpha Update

Hi everyone,

This may seem a little out of no where, but we have decided to delay the Alpha from this weekend. Upon testing the client and also asking a few special friends to help test it and provide feedback (including someone who I founded Vitare with), we feel that the client is not ready to be released.

There are still a few bugs which we need to fix – sometimes you don’t see others moving, chat isn’t ready, we need to add in a few more features such as switching between lots and other various things.

We are still aiming for this month, and will be giving you more previews. But I personally don’t want to offer you an unfinished experience. While it’s an Alpha, the foundation of the game still needs to work, which can’t be met this weekend, and until it does we don’t want to offer something that we’re not happy with.

I hope we haven’t disappointed you too much, but it’s not that much longer to go! The demand for the Alpha has been bananas, so we’re going to have a great time once we release the client.


Alpha FAQ

We hope you’re enjoying your weekend, and enjoying the weather if you’re in the UK! This blog post is to address a few questions we’ve had regarding our upcoming alpha release.

How can I apply for the Alpha?
To apply for the alpha, simply click “Apply for Alpha” in the navigation or click here. You’ll have to fill out a short form to register your interest. Once we release the alpha, we’ll get in contact and gradually give people access to the game.

How will I know if I’m accepted into the Alpha?
You’ll receive an email with an alpha key to redeem along with a link to register. This key will allow you to register for the Alpha.

Am I guaranteed access to the Alpha?
We want to let as many people as possible into the Alpha. While we are not letting everyone in immediately, we will rapidly send out invites. Everyone who applied should eventually be able to test the client. People who have donated in the past will have guaranteed access.

What will I be able to do in the Alpha?
The purpose of this Alpha release is to test server stability and some gameplay features before we continue to expand on the game. This focus is not on graphics and the Alpha may not resemble the final product (there’s lots more to do!). You will be able to do this upon release:

  • Download & Update your game with the Vitare Launcher.
  • Register your own Vitare game account.
  • Login to the game.
  • Enter the Test Region and enter one of the 4 available lots.
  • See other users within a lot.
  • Chat with other players in-game.
  • Walk around the lot to test the pathfinding system.

We will be regularly updating the Alpha to address bugs, improve existing features and add new features.

What features do you plan to add?
Some of the features we’re going to implement are:

  • A Jobs System – you’ll be able to earn in-game currency by playing team-based mini games!
  • Architecture Tools – place floors and walls to create your dream space!
  • Character Customisation – say goodbye to our default, test avatars and create your own persona!
  • Private Messaging – you’ll be able to speak privately with other players.
  • And much more!

How long will the Alpha last for?
There is currently no planned date for the Alpha test to end.

Does it cost money to get the Alpha?
No, it’s completely free to test the game.

We hope this clears up a few things and that you’ll register your interest! We’re extremely excited about releasing the Alpha build of the game. Vitare, from the start, has been about creating a game that our community wants. We hope that with your feedback and ideas we’ll be able to mould Vitare into something special as we work towards a Beta and, eventually, a full release.

If you have any ideas, then do not hesitate to get in contact or leave a comment!


Gameplay Video of Login, Character Selection & Region Mode

We have recently uploaded a short video showcasing the Vitare login screen, character selection (which is still being worked on) and the test region which will be featured in the alpha client – which is coming VERY soon! We have bought our server for the alpha, which we believe will be enough to handle the demand, and we’re setting up our download server too.

Anyway, be sure to check out the video below and leave a comment with your thoughts!


More about the Alpha


Rajiv, the lead engineer, here. I decided to write a small blog post about the alpha. As you all now we are going to release the alpha very soon, in fact we have estimated that if things keep moving this fast, we’ll be releasing the alpha soon.

This is what’s going to be in the first release of the alpha:

  • A launcher to update the game.
  • The first region containing 4 lots.
  • Chat functionality
  • The ability to place objects
  • Walking around a lot

Unfortunately the placing of objects is very limited right now, you can currently only place a red block which is supposed to be a couch, but we’ll add  a lot more objects in the near future.

The alpha will be updated regularly with new items and features. Features we’re going to implement contain:

  • A jobs system.
  • The ability to build walls and floors.
  • Character customization.
  • A private messaging system
  • And a lot more…

If you have any ideas please post them bellow in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I’ll see you in the alpha!


Into The Future: Alpha Release

This has been a great month at Vitare. We have a new programmer on the team, Devin, who has been doing an amazing job so far alongside Rajiv. Infact, we’re super excited to say that we plan to launch an alpha build for the game very soon!

The Alpha Build for Vitare will allow us to stress test our servers in an early development stage to avoid future problems before we work on more game features. You will be able to login, join a multiplayer lot, walk around and chat with other players.

Feature wise, it will be limited. But it’ll allow us to see how our servers cope with the demand (and we’re hoping there will be plenty of people on), help us discover any bugs and get your feedback so far. We are extremely excited to announce this and can’t wait to get this release of Vitare out! While you wait, why not check out this GUI Demo Video by Devin? ;)

Keep an eye out on our Blog, Facebook and Twitter for more information!